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Gabrielle Moore - Anal Pleasure For Her
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You're About To Discover:
• The shocking revelation made by the popular 1972 book The Joy Of Sex... about anal sex! (Yes, this idea was already around in 1972 and way before that!)
• Why straight anal play can bring your sex life to a whole new level (and the 2 pieces of scientific evidence that supports this...)
• Why the #1 fantasy in men is to engage in anal intercourse with their lovers... and my 3-step technique for making this ultimate fantasy come true for you
• 7 lies about anal intercourse completely exposed... and turned on their heads! (Chances are you have been brainwashed to believe in one or more of these lies...)
• Why anal intercourse is NOT a “gay” thing (Here's the shocker: Only 30% of homosexuals engage in anal sex! But every straight couple tries it _____*.)
• My 3-step method to warm your lover's body (and butt) up to the idea of anal penetration... WITHOUT any discomfort, uneasiness or pain (If you follow my steps right... it'll feel as pleasurable as usual sex!)
• The 2 biggest psychological reasons (including 1 which men do NOT know about) that cause ladies to reject the idea of anal sex (Unless you know Reason #2, she's never going to agree to your request!)
• The exact thing to say if your lover thinks anal sex is “dirty”... (Here's one thing you can say to tear down those false beliefs.)
• The real reason why anal sex receives so much bad press... and why so many renowned sex experts & authors don't even DARE to talk about it! (Guess what, they have been sucked into the same lies as most people have...)
• And much, much more!

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